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About Andrea Donaldson


Andrea was born in Melbourne Australia, the youngest of two children. She grew up in Melbourne and Sydney.
Andrea began her working career as an Occupational Therapist at Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Hospital in Kew, Victoria. Her role as a neurological rehabilitation therapist began a lifelong fascination with the human brain and the way it works. Over her extensive career she has reinvented herself in many diverse settings including Aged Rehabilitation, Community Health in multicultural Coburg and in Aged Care Assessment.
Taking a year off to travel to Sierra Leone , West Africa from April 1986 – April 1987 helped her to define her passion for working across cultures. In this voluntary position she worked in a remote church run hospital in Kamakwie in northern Sierra Leone.
To this day her attraction to understanding human behaviour has empowered her practice as an accredited business and personal coach/ facilitator with Intercept. Andrea’s desire is to see people bring about lasting positive change to their lives through the powerful insights she shares with them. Her occupational therapy background means she knows how to promote self-reliance and independence in her clients in a one on one and group setting. Her proven leadership development skills and positive future focus make her impact on clients who are open and willing outstanding and long lasting.


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