Rules ….



Today at the airport I watched a mother let her son know the rules . He was standing in line right next to a portable barricade. You know the ones… like they have in the bank.

" Please don't touch it "she said,  in a polite public voice , to her little boy who was maybe 5 years old. Eventually the inevitable happened . It fell over . Bang . The entire line looked up and the mother turned red. The little boy instantly shouted " It wasn't me " ( I reckon it was !)

"I said DON'T touch it !" The frustrated mother moved him away from the barricade .

What is it about human beings that we rebel against the rules? I was at a fabulous training last week and the speaker said ….." Rules are meant to be ….. followed. " Most of us would say broken . When we follow the rules we can learn from those who have already been successful before us. That can save time . So are you open and willing to learn from others ? Can you learn from the example of others , or do you need to repeat their mistakes yourself ?

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Here's to following the rules and to your success,






The Five D’s of Lost Focus


How does anyone get productive things done in this age of distraction ? So much to grab our attention and take our focus off the goal in our sights .
I want to highlight five things that can take us off purpose :
1. Drama – yes we all know someone who creates drama and exhausts us all in the process. Don't subscribe to the drama channel and avoid it taking you off focus.
2.DeceptionSome in our circle of contact may in fact have a hidden agenda. Don't become paranoid looking for deception , but understand at times it will be trying to take you off course .
3.Distraction – Emails, mobile phones, applications, social media … need I say more. Apply the duct tape if you need to !

4. Disrespect – When others disrespect our wishes , our values or even just show no manners we can lose focus on what we are here for.  We can also disrespect ourself by not holding ourself accountable to the same standards we set for others.
5. Defiance – and lastly we can lose focus when we meet outright hostility. Most of the time it is nothing we have done and everything to do with the other person's issues.

Stay focused and you will be a rare gem in this age of distraction.

Nature Inspires



A time of silence on the beach yesterday morning inspires me to ask. Where is the place you go to enjoy the inspiration of solitude ? Has it changed over the years or has it always been the same place ? For me the ocean inspires. 

That is the way that nature inspires us .


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