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Today at the airport I watched a mother let her son know the rules . He was standing in line right next to a portable barricade. You know the ones… like they have in the bank.

" Please don't touch it "she said,  in a polite public voice , to her little boy who was maybe 5 years old. Eventually the inevitable happened . It fell over . Bang . The entire line looked up and the mother turned red. The little boy instantly shouted " It wasn't me " ( I reckon it was !)

"I said DON'T touch it !" The frustrated mother moved him away from the barricade .

What is it about human beings that we rebel against the rules? I was at a fabulous training last week and the speaker said ….." Rules are meant to be ….. followed. " Most of us would say broken . When we follow the rules we can learn from those who have already been successful before us. That can save time . So are you open and willing to learn from others ? Can you learn from the example of others , or do you need to repeat their mistakes yourself ?

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Here's to following the rules and to your success,






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